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1,000 pencils

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Sharpen up with pencils and watch a lifelong learning journey unfold. So incredibly simple, pencils are a vital tool for learning, giving children the chance to put their thoughts and ideas on paper. The most basic of items can make such a difference to children's lives.

Give the gift of education.

Opening doors with pencils in Yemen

Due to the severity of the Yemen crisis, schools with depleted resources in Sana'a have been forced to close, making it impossible for thousands of children to access the education they need to secure a bright future.

For schools like the Al-Nasser School in Beit Boos, UNICEF support has been crucial to providing over 1,600 children with facilities and resources to go to school and learn. UNICEF strongly believes in the importance of empowering women through education and stands by every child's right to learn and grow. It takes as little as pencils to open doors for a child's bright future.