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1 School in a Box

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Education helps to inspire fun and shape futures. This 'school in a box' is a portable way to ensure children continue to learn during times of crisis and conflict, or in the hardest to reach areas.

The box contains books, pencils, erasers and scissors and even a wind-up solar radio, while the aluminium lid of the box doubles as a blackboard. Few gifts are as innovative as this.

Give the gift of education.

A brighter future for children

After a 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit the island of Sulawesi in 2018, triggering a tsunami, more than half of the population in Palu, Indonesia was displaced. The disaster affected 1,200 schools, threatening to leave more than 184,000 young boys and girls behind without any education.

UNICEF was able to reach 76,000 children by providing more than 430 education tents and School in a Box kits, ensuring children like Chahaya (pictured) could return to school just three months after the disaster.