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1 Water Pump

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Turn on the tap for a whole community by giving a water pump. Installing a water pump not only helps to provide clean and safe water for a whole village, but also stops women and children having to walk kilometres every single day to fetch this basic human right.

Give the gift of clean water.

Keeping communities safe with clean water

Children rejoice at the installation of a brand-new UNICEF water pump in Dialangou village, Mali.

Due to the volatile climate conditions in Mali, the villagers are constantly faced with the challenge of recurring droughts and floods, making it incredibly difficult for the community to gain access to the basic necessities they need to survive.

With the assistance of UNICEF, the government of Mali was able to build clean water points in isolated and rural villages like Dialangou village. Along with partners like the Netherlands and Sweden, UNICEF has assisted the construction of 161 new water points in the Mopti region.