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24 Therapeutic Milk Sachets

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When babies or young children are extremely malnourished they cannot tolerate normal food. Therapeutic milk contains the specific balance of energy, fats, protein and minerals that is needed by acutely malnourished children. As much a medicine as a food, it is provided in clinics and saves the lives of the most vulnerable children.

Give the gift of nutrition.

Surviving Malnutrition in Mali

Aminata, a 12 month old infant, is sitting in her mother's lap, feeding on a therapeutic milk sachet to receive the vital nutrients she needs to regain her strength and health. In Mali, feeding one’s child has proven to be very difficult, especially for mothers who are sick or unable to breastfeed.

This is why UNICEF believes investing in nutrition is vital to preventing critical health complications and securing a child’s future. Support a child's nutrition with 24 Therapeautic Milk Sachets today.