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40 Dignity Pads

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During their period, girls can often be forced to miss school due to stigma and a lack of access to facilities. This can also pose health risks, including reproductive and urinary tract infections.

“Period shame” can have negative psychological effects, disempowering girls and causing them to feel embarrassed about a normal biological process. These reusable pads can offer girls the privacy and dignity to carry on with their lives.

Give the gift of dignity.

Empowering Young Women in Malawi

Alile, 14, and Chaonaine, 14, are two of the many girls who have been receiving menstrual hygiene kits and psychosocial support during the terrors of Cyclone Idai.

In Malawi, reusable dignity pads are crucial for young girls such as Alile and Chaonaine as they allow them to attend school without feeling shame. In collaboration with the Government of Japan, UNICEF has implemented this emergency initiative to not only reduce the disruption of women's education, but to also educate and support girls in regards to topics such as menstrual hygiene, violence, abuse and neglect during this critical time.

UNICEF recognises the huge impact dignity pads have in empowering young women and strongly stands by all girls.