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9,000 Water Purification Tablets

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There may be water everywhere, however it is not always suitable to drink. Waterborne diseases like dysentery, cholera and typhoid ravage families, and children who are most vulnerable. Each water purification tablet is able to turn 4-5 litres of dirty water into drinking water.

Give the gift of clean water.

Providing safe drinking water in Venezuela

In 2019, frequent power outages in Caracas, Venezuela’s capital, made access to safe drinking water a challenge for many families.

Trucks helped to transport water to communities in need across the city. While also helping to develop long-term repairs to pipelines, UNICEF coordinated with Venezuelan water authorities and partners to treat the water trucks with water purification tablets, to help ensure the water was drinkable.

Your gift of 9,000 Water Purification Tablets can help to create fresh water for many more children in need.