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Early Childhood Development Kit

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The Early Childhood Development Kit was created to strengthen the response for young children caught in conflict or emergencies. This kit offers young children access to play, stimulation and early learning opportunities and permits them to retrieve a sense of normalcy.

Through the activities in this kit, young children engage in a protective and developmental environment for physical and mental health, optimal growth, lifelong learning, social and emotional competencies and productivity.

Give the gift of development.

A treasure box of activities

Three-year-old Thuya Lin plays with the kit that volunteer home visitor Thura Tun brought during an Early Childhood Intervention visit to assess the boy's early childhood development milestones.

The kit contains materials to help caregivers create a safe learning environment for up to 50 young children up to six years old. Each item was carefully selected to help develop skills for thinking, speaking, feeling and interacting with others.

Contents include: puzzles and games; counting circle and cubes to stack and sort; books; puppets for storytelling; art supplies; soap bars and water container for promoting hygiene; and activity guides for adults.