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Play & Learn Pack

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Whether a result of COVID-19 or their distance from school, access to education is a challenge for many children around the world. This pack beams education, through school and play, right into a child’s home. It contains pencils and a football, as well as a solar wind-up radio so learning doesn’t have to stop, even if electricity is scarce.

Give the gift of education.

Beaming education across Mali

13-year-old Omari studies with the help of a radio provided by UNICEF. Omari and his family left the southern region of the country after armed attacks forced his family to seek refuge. 3000 solar radios were distributed to vulnerable households with school-aged children just like Omari.

UNICEF supported 51,747 school-aged children to access education through temporary learning centres in Mali. Thirty community radio stations are broadcasting courses across the country to enable more children to follow lessons.

By giving a Play & Learn Pack, you can help children like Omari thrive, no matter where they are.